About Me


I am Que Jay, a Digital Marketer turned entrepreneur and a startup evangelist who loves to discover, promote & build innovative ideas and have closely worked with hundreds of tech and non-tech startups in different regions and diverse markets. I help entrepreneurs develop crazy ideas into real-time solutions that create value, and assist them in growing their business to the next level by improving procedures, implementing strategies that deliver the best ROI, and increasing efficiency.

My Story

18 years ago I started my freelance journey as a Web Content Writer, and the ever-changing nature of the digital world compelled me to explore more avenues. Three months later I started learning SEO and Digital Marketing. Growing up to become a Digital Marketing Team Lead, and then a Manager was quite an achievement, but I decided to go further. I started building a baby project called StartupGuys.net which grew up to be a leading learning resource for startups and small businesses. It had 80,000 unique visitors per month, +8,000 newsletter subscribers, and a +70,000 social following when I took a profitable exit to build something new from scratch. And I didn’t stop after that.

While building a business can be super draining at times, I discovered that building is the part I love most. I am proudly a multi-passionate entrepreneur and will hopefully build a lot more businesses!

Thankfully, a career spanning over +18 years has been full of opportunities, but all of them were outside my comfort zone! I am glad to have stepped out of my comfort zone to become a better version of myself, every time. While working with hundreds of businesses, I have developed skills and expertise that I couldn’t have imagined 18 years ago, and something better has yet to come, definitely!

My Core Expertise Include

My Tech Expertise

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